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Dance Artist | Massage Therapist | Personal Trainer








Balanced Mind.

Alicia has the world as her stage; outside of the concert dance setting, she has been featured in weddings, event openings, music videos, fashion shows, to name a few. Outside of dance performance, she is available for holding workshops, private/group lessons, party motivational dance, choreography, and artistic collaborations.

Balance Body.

Attention is placed on alignment, and functional movement. This balance is found through a combination/focus of Personal Training, Pilates, and/or Yoga. Through proper alignment, all goals (especially coupled with bodywork) are more efficiently attained. Articulate your desire(s) to discover the support of Body Train.

Balanced Spirit.

Attention is placed on inducing the parasympathetic nervous system, functional alignment, and sync’d body structures. This balance is found through a combination or focus of Swedish Massage, stretches, reflexology, polarity therapy and the energetic modality- Core Synchronism. Through proper alignment all goals, (especially coupled with Body Train) are more efficiently attained.

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Alicia C. Dellimore is an evolved dance artist, massage therapist, personal trainer, Pilates & yoga instructor.  Her mission is to guide her followers through thought provoking movement, form corrective exercises & manipulations, posture stabilizing alignment, and an empowered meditative flow. 


Dance has served Alicia as an anchor- a grounding medium that blossomed the passions of yoga, fitness, nutrition, and energy healing.  Alicia found her artistic voice once introduced to dance improvisation and composition.  Once concerned to perform the "right" way, for the "right" reasons, for "right" people, Alicia practices to let go of other's limitations & truths by listening to her inner voice.  In both career and life, she's guided by following her desires. 


An Adelphi University scholarship graduate majoring in dance, Alicia's training includes; Martha Graham Center, Alvin Aliey's summer intensive, and Mark Morris.  After university, she desired to deepen her 4 year yoga practice by studying the Joschi Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification Program.  She began to see how she could guide others towards experiencing yoga and began teaching for gyms and privately.  Working as an instructor gave way to her employment at the elite Equinox Gym, as a personal trainer due to her attention to detail.  Her employment granted her access to the Equinox Fitness Training Institute program, then later getting her NCSF certification.  Upon feeling distracted from her art, she departed Equinox to instead perform; performances include BAM New Wave festival, Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It", and Lacoste's fragrance launch. 


After a knee injury suffered while performing, Alicia's physical limitation opened the opportunity to obtain The Lab's Pilates Mat certification. She currently lives in New Mexico as a licensed Massage Therapist, certified Natural Therapeutics & Core IV practitioner.

Through her sessions, you begin to understand the increased sense of well being one gains from consistent physical activity, attention, and awareness;

you begin to discover

Body Balance.

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“It is not merely a question of physical fitness, but rather is a result of the soul finding free expression through the mind and body of the individual.”

Dr. R. Stone

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